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I am grateful to some great friends of mine like Pam for bringing back this website. Right now the website is in it’s old form and I do plan on updating it with newer things. So please be patient. I do not know when it will be complete but it’s 2014 and HIM is going to be hitting the road. I hope to bring this site back to it’s better days. If you would like to help update this site please email me at thank you.


How do you come up with solos for songs – are they calculated, based on scales and arpeggios, or more something that you simply feel? Has this process evolved over time?

It depends on the song. Mostly my solos are improvisation, there might be a little melody or a “lick” that has been thought of beforehand but most of the time it is just whatever comes out at that moment. At the end of the day, I’m a blues player so it all originates from there. I also feel that you shouldn’t forcefully put a guitar solo in every song either, sometimes it works much better to replace it with a heavy riff or whatever.

The older I get, the more confidence I have in my playing. I’m not scared of being out of tune or playing sloppy. Our producer Hiili said after I did one of the solos for the new album : “I could hear a human being in there.” And after that we all burst in to laughter but seriously, that’s something that I like to hear in good guitar solo too.